Bill Banks Bill Banks

Leybourne Headline Team


Bill has lived in Leybourne with his family for 28 years and for most of that time he has been a typical Leybourne resident, i.e. slept here but worked somewhere else. His first job after leaving school was to join the Merchant Navy as a Boy Rating. This gave him his first opportunity to go around the world and whet his appetite for future travels.

The main part of Bill's career was as a National Account Manager and then a Sales Manager in the Automotive Industry. When his main career ended he then worked for KCC in Adult Education as an administrator. Bill still enjoys travelling and keeping fit by swimming, kayaking and walking.

Like everywhere, Leybourne is changing and a sense of community is building due to the efforts of the residents. Due to changing patterns of work and an ageing population, opportunities to build on this will continue to present themselves. Residents and local government need to work together to maximise these opportunities to continue to make Leybourne a great place to live, and Bill would like to play his part in making this happen.