Changes coming to the A20

September 24, 2019 11:47 AM
By Anita Oakley

Following extensive local consultation KCC are hoping to go ahead with alterations to the above section of the A20.

Their aim is to increase the flow of traffic which may improve air quality. They will remove the dedicated right turn bus lane at the New Hythe Lane junction. There will be two forward lanes at both New Hythe Lane traffic lights and Ditton
Crossroads going towards Maidstone with longer run outs. Move the bus stop to a wider pavement outside the Mini
garage, remove the bus lay-by both there and at Bell Lane. There are plans to create a shared footway/cycle path.(Although following
consultation this may be separated). Also, widening the keep left
islands so that a bicycle could be accommodated. And finally, adding a keep left island outside the former Kia garage.