West Malling Group Practice Update

June 21, 2019 3:11 PM
By Nick Stapleton

Trudy Dean writes...

Everyone will be shocked and disappointed at this statement issued yesterday, which contradicts assurances given last year that face to face appointments would remain in the West Malling surgery for 'many years'. It is a terrible blow to our community, especially if it causes closure of the pharmacy as well. The practice is preparing answers to several questions I and others have asked, and I will send these round when available. Then I think the CCG must be persuaded to stick to their promise last year and carry on providing healthcare in West Malling and Leybourne.

The Practice has announced:

"Renovation work has commenced at Kings Hill surgery as a first step towards the changes at West Malling. It is scheduled to finish towards the end of July. Depending on IT infrastructure installation and a final sign off by the West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group, we will move the main activities at West Malling into the upstairs in Kings Hill in August/September. The final date is still fluid.

The main building at West Malling will then close. We will retain two consulting rooms as a satellite clinic in 'The Hollies' building on the same site. Appointments at the West Malling Surgery will be ring fenced for the small minority of patients who truly can't get to Kings Hill. (We believe that in reality this number will be small).

The majority of services will then be provided from our purpose-built facility at Kings Hill.

The Leybourne surgery will also remain as a satellite clinic.

General queries, Prescriptions etc will need to go through Kings Hill, or Leybourne on the days it is open (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)".

More information will follow when we get it from the practice.