Lib Dems Fight to Keep the No. 58 Hospital Bus

January 8, 2019 4:16 PM

Public consultation will take place on the replacement of the number 58 bus. This is currently the only bus connecting the Malling villages to Maidstone Hospital. This route is to be replaced by a more frequent service (possibly running hourly) on a shortened route to Tesco at Lunsford Park, where passengers wanting to travel to Maidstone or the Hospital are expected to change to other routes.

At a meeting with Parish and County Councillors on 26th November, local Lib Dems argued the importance of keeping this single bus link to Maidstone Hospital for patients and visitors. We suggested the 58 route should be shortened by turning it around at the Hospital instead. This would allow passengers wanting to travel to Maidstone town centre to transfer onto another bus at Larkfield. KCC Officers have gone away to consider the matter further. We are hoping for a positive outcome…fingers crossed.