New Waste Bin Collection Service

February 13, 2019 4:57 PM

Urbaser, the new contractor, will start the new bin collection service on 30th September. They will also be responsible for clearing litter and emptying bins from streets and footways. Collections will continue on the normal days through Bank Holidays, including this Easter.

From September, there will be separate weekly collections of food waste and fortnightly collections of mixed dry recycling, including for the first time plastics and glass. In addition, there will be new "Opt In" collection of garden waste for an annual fee of £40 per year with a discounted price of £35 for people who sign up between the 7th May and Friday 2nd August. Such garden waste will not be collected from householders who do not opt in, so people would either have to compost or take to Civic Amenity sites such as Tovil or Cuxton.

The charge helps them bring in doorstep collection of plastic and glass. They promise Roadshows about the changes and leaflets during Spring and Summer. Headline will do our best to keep you updated.