Want to cut traffic speeds? Sign up with Speedwatch

February 13, 2019 4:33 PM

Nick with Gwyneth and PaulParish Councillor Nick Stapleton co-ordinates the West Malling Speedwatch scheme and has been working hard over the past year, alongside residents and fellow parish councillors, doing sessions in various locations across the town.

The purpose of the Speedwatch scheme is to help educate drivers on their speed, as many are either not aware of local speed limits or how fast they are driving. The details of speeding vehicles get passed to the Police who send warning notices to re-offenders and drivers who are breaking the speed limits by a considerable amount. Persistent offenders may be visited. Data can also be used to get traffic calming installed. So, if you want to cut speed in your road, contact Nick and join a couple of Speedwatch sessions so we can provide data on your area to the Police.