Who Should Be Cutting Leybourne's Grass?

February 13, 2019 4:29 PM

We receive many complaints about the lack of grass cutting and weed clearance in Leybourne and around the county. TMBC are responsible for " amenity mowing" to keep the grass looking neat and tidy, and they do this 12 times a year. KCC are responsible for
a metre wide cut at the road edge for visibility, and therefore safety of vehicles and pedestrians. They have reduced the number of mowing several times and this year it will be a single cut.

Local Lib Dem campaigner Bill Banks says "The Parish Council has suggested that they might pay the Councils for a better service, or take over responsibility for the work themselves.

Unfortunately, we were not told how much any of this would cost the Parish ratepayers. So I have written to the Parish Council to ask for this information, and will let you know their reply. "