Floods Follow County Cutbacks

February 13, 2019 4:22 PM

FloodingAfter pressure from local Lib Dem Councillors, work was authorised to sort out the floods at the New Road - London Rd junction near B and Q. But even we were surprised to hear the account of the drainage engineer on what happened next. He wrote " I can confirm that 9 soakaways, 3 catchpits, 27 gullies and about 280 metres of 150mm surface water pipes have been cleaned. We removed 70.18 tonnes of spoil and it took 8
nights working from 21.30 until 02.30 each night."

Nick Stapleton says "KCC cutbacks, which resulted in drains no longer being cleared on a regular basis, were a really bad idea. They are also warning that further cutbacks on
grass cutting in this year's budget mean the longer grass will clog the drains even more.
Together with record backlogs in road maintenance, driving conditions will be even less
safe in the future."