Look up the Salting Routes online

February 13, 2019 4:19 PM

When KCC say on the news that it has "salted all the roads", what it means is that they have salted all the 'Primary Salting Routes'. These are generally A and B roads and busy commuter routes. Locally, just the A20, A228 (bypass) and the road from A20 into West Malling are Primary routes. Secondary Salting routes are meant to include places like Doctors, Care Homes, and Schools. Last winter, none of the secondary routes were
touched. Only Primary Routes were treated, leaving many people still unable to get to them.

Trudy has asked for Martin Square, Larkfield and The Malling School to be added to the Primary routes so the medical centre and school can remain open. Google "Road salting and snow clearance" on KCC's website for a route map.