Clare Lane Traffic Issues

November 5, 2018 3:20 PM

Roger, Michelle & Trudy met with KCC & NuVenture representatives recently to discuss Clare Lane issuesThere have been two accidents recently at the bend at the western end of Clare Lane near Winterfield Lane, increasing our concern regarding the safety of pedestrians as well as vehicle users at this location. Pedestrians trying to get to West Malling station, to the town, or to access the bus stop at Couch Green must walk in the road around a bend where visibility is very poor. Negotiating the junction at Winterfield Lane is particularly difficult.

Roger Roud, Michelle Tatton and Trudy Dean have been considering some changes at Couch Green which could improve safety for pedestrians. Initial discussions with KCC and NuVenture have been generally positive. A site meeting will now take place at Couch Green with the Parish Council to consider the matter further.

We are conscious that Clare Lane residents continue to be concerned about traffic speeds along the length of the road including the bend by the school turning circle and we continue to look at what can be achieved to calm speeds. Physical measures are difficult as they must not impede the buses. There could certainly be better signage, warning of the bends and of pedestrians in the road.